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Welcome to our web-site

Travel Concierge Service “La Dolce Vita”.

Travelling, hotel accommodations, restaurants, spa-procedures, selecting an exclusive college, renting a villa – we will do our best to assist you at all those things 24/7/365, irrespective of how exotic and sophisticated your requirements would seem.

This web-site is an attempt to give you a perfect idea about the components of a luxury trip: the best hotels of the world, refined restaurants, luxurious yachts, cars and many other things that may be called “best of the best”. And it will not only give you an idea but also an opportunity to see them with the eyes of mature travelers: real, experienced, demanding, and even professional, such as celebrities, restaurant reviewers, photographers, writers, and journalists working in most famous media of the world. They are the ones whom we trusted to present various parts of the world and to share their impressions of staying in different countries of the world. We want the information about a country or a hotel to be personally inspired and filled with charisma of the people whom we can trust.

 Sincerely yours,

Ivan Prokutin and Marianna Prokutina